The Company

Alpi was founded in 1977, initially as Alpi Snc and then, starting from 2013, as Alpi Guarnizioni S.r.l. The focus or its production has always been valves gaskets and sealing rings, pumps and plants equipment.

Customer Service

Our offices can provide with suggestions and help regarding applications, limitations and technical specifications of our products (including materials and manufacturing processes). We can find the most suitable sealing solution for your needs.

Top Quality

Alpi Guarnizioni has always promoted a “quality culture” in its production process, thanks to a continuous technologial innovation and to a stringent quality assessment and control. This effort has been rewarded by the ISO 9002 Certification

Industrial Machinery

Hydraulic Presses

Mechanical presses that develop compression forces thanks to fluid under pressur (i.e. hydraulic oil). These machines are used to compress a range of materials, including graphite.


Deburring Machines

These machines smooth the metal imperfections that arise from certain manufacturing methods. They employ a rotating belt directly in contact with the metal’s surface.


Precise cutting of sectional items (through customs drawings) through a high pressure water jet.